BBC Concert Orchestra

We rebranded the BBC's versatile ensemble to ensure it continues to take inspiring musical experiences to everyone, everywhere.

The BBC Concert Orchestra is one of the most versatile of all the BBC orchestras. We worked alongside them to bring their eclectic mindset to life. Through research, including brand workshops and surveys, and the development of a new brand framework, it was clear that BBC CO needed an overall consistent look and feel that could flex in line with the diverse range of concerts they perform, always looking joyful and approachable.

Taking reference from a historical mix of musical notation forms and ligatures we began to build a bank of shapes, which we used as the basis for a flexible grid system. This system can be adapted to most formats and mediums to work with the vast variety of performances. A typeface was then selected and adapted for BBC CO. The design features high stroke contrast reminiscent of the hand written notation from the early great masters, with a modern twist.

Whether the concert is playful and lively or dark and dramatic, the variety of assets can be dialled up or down in line with the theme. This diversity allows each concert its own character while still sitting within the overall BBC CO brand. In cases where there are no images or themes, a bank of patterns has been created from the original shapes to visualise music.

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