Old Pulteney.

Relaunching Scotland's Maritime Malt.

Old Pulteney is a highly-prized, award-winning Scotch whisky, distilled and matured on Scotland's north east coast in Wick.  Our task was to evolve the existing brand identity and bring its unique story to life on new, premiumised core range and Global Travel Retail packaging to better reflect the whisky's quality and heritage and deliver growth across domestic and international markets. Our first step was to rewrite the story...

We took a close look at Old Pulteney's competitive set and target drinkers and began to develop a unique, compelling visual story with more premium and crafted cues to engage consumers and deliver genuine shelf standout. Using our own in-house illustration resource, we redrew the boat image as a genuine icon for the brand, more true to Wick's traditional fishing vessels and a more dramatic reflection of the high seas off Scotland's north east coast, incorporating nautical references in the roundel. 

We created a suite of supporting illustrative brand assets and refined the wordmarque with unique lettering in keeping with the names painted on the sides of boats at the height of the herring fishing boom. In terms of colour, following analysis of the competitive set, we created a colour palette for the core product range packaging that differentiates Old Pulteney as well as reinforcing its brand positioning as The Maritime Malt.

We created brand guidelines for the consistent activation of the brand across all touchpoints; online and offline, on and off trade, local and global. These included core brand assets such as the product master visual.

The core range design principles, including the split label and approach to colour, extend to Old Pulteney's Global Travel Retail range.

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