Rebranding Benromach.

A full strategic repositioning, new visual identity and packaging for the handmade Speyside single malt Scotch.

Benromach is a traditional Speyside distillery owned by a family of whisky-lovers intent on making single malt by hand to create a unique whisky with genuine character.

There are no computers at Benromach, no buttons to push, no automation, and no stage of production that doesn’t directly require the distillers' expertise. Keith Cruickshank, Benromach’s Distillery Manager, had always said that Benromach whisky is made with four ingredients: barley, water, yeast, and the distillers who make it happen.

This became the basis of the new brand positioning:
Made by hand for genuine character.

Working with the artist and signwriter Ciaran Globel our brand film was created to show how the art of making whisky is a handmade endeavour at Benromach, and follows the creation of the whisky alongside the creation of the handpainting of our new logotype in the still room.

The film was shot using a handheld camera, natural and raw, using the eye of the filmmaker to capture day-to-day life at the distillery, and is in itself a reflection of the Benromach way.

As part of our rebrand of Benromach we redesigned their entire portfolio, including the core range, distillery and single cask exclusives, international market exclusives, and luxury releases to reflect the truly handmade nature of the whisky.

The colour palette came directly from the distillery itself – a balanced combination of white, weathered blacks and the vibrant red of Benromach’s chimney and doors.

The new bespoke bottle shape is shorter and more robust, giving it more on-shelf standout, while the strategically placed embossing gives a more tactile feel when handling.

Our new Benromach wordmarque derives from the brand’s history, with the original hand-painted lettering from the distillery’s pagoda-style roof providing the inspiration for the new logotype.

Each character was hand-drawn and then digitised to create a new typeface with full language support to ensure consistent use across all communications.

To mimic a signpainter’s art, we designed a full range of alternate characters with slightly different proportions so that each block of type feels more hand-drawn and organic. The typeface automatically selects these characters as text is set to ensure each slug of copy is unique.

We drew a range of supporting illustrations and assets, including the main distillery, and a series depicting the whiskymaking process and tasting notes.

We also created a series of quality seals based on the premise of Benromach’s four ingredients. The seal appears on all packs to highlight the genuine, handmade care going into every Benromach single malt.

We shot a full library of new brand photography to reflect our repositioned Benromach story, with shots following our simple palette of black, red, and white, alongside the gold and copper tones of the whisky –all taken directly from the colours of the distillery itself.

The library was categorised to show the different stages of whiskymaking and focused heavily on the people who make the whisky for a down-to-earth, realistic portrayal of distillery life.

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