Fearless campaigning for women’s rights.

Since 2015, our Fearless campaign for ActionAid has smashed the global anti-poverty charity’s supporter engagement records, secured government financial support and helped change United Nations policy on violence against girls and women.

The challenge

Violence affects one in three women everywhere. That’s many millions of women and girls around the world having their human rights violated and being held back from reaching their full potential. We were challenged by ActionAid to develop a global advocacy campaign that motivated supporters to help fearless women all over the world fight to claim back their rights.

The solution

We created a concept based on empowerment, including messaging and imagery that at once reflected and projected strength and optimism through positive storytelling. We found a way to do all this that compelled people to take action and support the campaign.

“It is truly amazing to see how much this theme and its messages resonate with our supporters.”

Girish Menon, ActionAid

80,000+ is a smash-hit for us, way more than any other campaign we’ve even run.

Daniel Hale, ActionAid


The campaign smashed ActionAid supporter engagement records, with a whopping 80,000 people responding to the call to action. As a result, the UK Government announced £6M of funding for grassroots organisations working to end domestic abuse, FGM and child marriage. Furthermore, our campaign was one of the catalysts for the United Nations agreeing new targets to end violence against women.

We’re currently working with ActionAid on an ongoing project to improve their brand guidelines.

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