From #ScotFail to increased sales.

Our tourism campaign for ScotRail nudged the naysayers into the sidings and delivered impressive results. 

Our tourism campaign showcased ScotRail as the facilitator and guide for amazing Scottish adventures. We brought inspirational content to their social channels and took the conversation away from commuting and delays to relaxing rail journeys through beautiful scenery. Crucially, we’ve helped them sell more leisure tickets.

In 2017 we launched the ScotRail summer tourism campaign to increase ticket sales for its suite of travel passes. It was so successful we were asked to run it again in winter 2017 and summer 2018.

We packaged up each offering with its own visual style and bank of content, providing a glimpse and an emotional hook of the experiences that could be #unlocked with each pass.

We commissioned bloggers and influencers to use the passes and document their experiences, creating photography, video assets and curated guides of the attractions covered by the passes.

We created and planned all collateral for the duration of the campaign, which included website content, blog posts, email, social, press, digital marketing and offline marketing. We proactively monitored campaign data in real time, which allowed us to respond to changing trends and requirements and tailor output agilely. We sourced and managed all of the influencers, including planning and booking all of their trips.

We produced and art directed a seven-day photo shoot taking in the whole of Scotland and working with numerous local businesses and organisations such as the National Trust, Scottish Canals and Historic Environment Scotland.

We created (and continue to roll-out) a full suite of social ads which utilise bespoke messaging and imagery to suit Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

The campaign has inspired considerable user-generated content - a key objective of the original campaign brief and an important factor in changing the nature of the conversation between ScotRail and consumers, providing a positive knock-on effect on the overall brand profile.


Domestic ticket sales +25%
International ticket sales +15%
Instagram following +73%

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