Reviving the 'King of the Lowlands'.

We helped breathe new life into the revered Rosebank Distillery.

Ian Macleod distillers’ revival of the mothballed Rosebank Distillery has seen the once-revered “King of the Lowlands” make a welcome return, with a new brand identity and packaging created by D8. A pair of limited edition single cask bottlings released through a ballot were the first expressions to feature the new identity.

In its 19th Century heyday, the original Rosebank Distillery stood apart from traditional distilleries with its state-of-the-art approach and set up. The unorthodox juxtaposition of tall elegant stills and worm tub condensing units came to life in its whisky’s distinctive “light/full” flavour. It was this unique character that gave Rosebank its peerless status.

We underpinned the new visual identity and all future brand and marketing activation with a full brand positioning, the result of D8-conducted qualitative research with key brand stakeholders.

To support the brand storytelling, we drew a range of supporting illustrations depicting the distillery, the three stills, the canal and the worm tub condenser.

The original Rosebank logotype was redrawn by hand, refined and digitised to create a bespoke, trademarked property for the brand.

The original Rosebank rose icon was redrawn as a cluster of three roses to represent triple distillation, a key factor in the unique Rosebank character. We drew variants suitable for different production processes, including the delicate sand etching - a world first - which adorns the bottleneck.

These elements and the brand positioning were documented in a set of guidelines, to ensure the consistent application of the brand at all times.

“We tasked D8 with bringing back to life a truly iconic single malt whisky after years of silence. Straight from the first response, they got the brand proposition and design concepts absolutely right – managing to strike a perfect balance between honouring the heritage of the brand and taking it forward into its bright future. Working with D8 was an excellent experience. The reaction from consumers, trade and media alike has been phenomenally positive and has resulted in huge demand for our extremely limited number of bottles.”

Katy Muggeridge, Senior Brand Manager, Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd

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