Black Bowmore 50 year old

Crafting one of the world’s most precious liquids.

The challenge

It’s not every day we’re asked to create the packaging for a 50 year-old whisky that, with only 159 bottles in existence worldwide, retails at £16,000. It doesn’t get much more premium than that.

Especially when that liquid is the final release of the legendary Black Bowmore, arguably the 1990s catalyst of many of today’s premium whisky collectors’ passions. The release of Black Bowmore 50 Year Old, the last cask, is the first part of an extensive brand repositioning project completed by D8, which will roll out over 2017.

The solution

Challenged with designing packaging for the black pearl in the crown of the world’s oldest Scotch maturation warehouse, D8 spent months painstakingly developing a creative concept in keeping with the prestige liquid. We worked closely with master craftsmen John Galvin Design and Glasstorm to ensure our designs would be achievable in the bespoke Scottish oak presentation cabinet and the hand-blown glass bottle.

Limited to 159 individually numbered bottles, each contains a chip from the same Scottish oak used in the packaging. The hand-carved pattern inside the cabinet reflects the life of the carefully selected cask with the year of each meticulously matured release inlaid in solid silver.

Every cabinet contains a secret compartment concealing a phial of the liquid, whose unique story is inscribed in stainless steel.

Launched in late October 2016 at an exclusive dinner within Bowmore’s 18th Century No.1 Vaults on Islay, Black Bowmore 50 Year Old, in all of its profound, mellow glory, is as easy on the tongue as it is on the eye. In 2018, a bottle sold at auction for £22,000.

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