Campaigns with bite.

It’s more than a decade since we began working with Greenpeace.

In 2014, we created a Greenpeace UK campaign to communicate how small-scale fishermen are vital to Britain’s coastal communities and healthy coastal ecosystems, and how large-scale foreign ‘monster boats’ threaten them.

Visual communicator Noma Bar, whose use of negative space and striking imagery can tackle multiple messages in one graphic, was the ideal collaborator.

Campaign effectiveness

Issue in all five major party General Election 2015 manifestos, 75,000 signatures sent to DEFRA, 3,000 letters to George Eustice, 120 MPs became Coastal Champions.

Overwhelming wave of support

According to The Times, we made fish the ‘must have’ prop of the 2015 General Election campaign, raising public awareness of the issues.

More recently, we created anti-palm oil production campaigns for Greenpeace Indonesia, focusing on the deforestation of virgin rainforest and the extinction of the orangutan.

We created a campaign promoting free speech in India in response to a forced closure of the Greenpeace India office by the local authorities.

Greenpeace India

"Thank you for the thousands of emails, tweets and messages of support that you have sent to the Minister of Home Affairs."


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