Glasgow Print Studio

We rebranded the city's original contemporary art trailblazer.

Type is a fundamental part of any identity system, and what the printing press was originally created for. This led us to William Caslon or 'Caslon the Elder', whose typefaces transformed British type design and first established our national typographic style. Caslon’s apprentice was Vincent Figgins, who actually coined the term 'sans-serif'. Figgins produced a number of Roman types for Scottish printers, including 'Seven Line Grotesque', which isn’t available as a digitised font, making it unique. We redrew it, using it as the basis for the GPS wordmarque. The letterforms are unique and full of history and character (a bit like Glasgow Print Studio itself!).

The A series of paper sizes is the basis for the majority of printed communications. It provides us with a solid structure to build a grid and identity system on as well as having a direct link to the studio. This provided a framing device for the wordmarque, giving the logo more structure and strength.

The frame also has an important role to play as part of the identity as a visual metaphor for the studio; a signifier which can appear with consistency across a myriad of artistic approaches, mediums and expressions. Glasgow Print Studio is a place for creativity and this system allows its internal team a degree of flexibility while ensuring continuity. 

The logotype's frame can be abstracted in innumerable ways when there isn’t an artist to feature, or to create desirable merchandise for the studio shop.

"D8 truly delivered - a striking identity that captures our personality, is aesthetically pleasing and really easy for our team to use across all of our communications." John Mackechnie, Director, Glasgow Print Studio

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