Empowering women and girls.

We brought to life ActionAid's unique approach in humanitarian emergencies in a series of animations, in a way that is accessible and engaging for a mass audience.

Our primary aim was to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to build ActionAid’s profile as a champion for women and girls living in poverty. Targeting primarily a female audience aged 25-45 and based in the UK, we also considered prospective supporters in the ABC1 demographic.

We developed a visual style and narrative to tell the stories in ways that are both factually accurate and emotionally engaging. As the style would be replicated across several animations, we wanted to keep it simple, bold and colourful. It was important to show these are worldwide problems and we used colour to help us communicate this through diversity of landscapes, clothing patterns and characters.

As time constraints were a challenge from the start, we decided early on that we would create a parallax animation and thought about how we could use this to create transitions from scene to scene. This reduced some of the workload for both the illustrations and animation. 

The sensitive nature of the project posed a big challenge around how we communicated the script through illustration. We had to ensure the illustrations of violence were not graphic or gratuitous without compromising on impactful storytelling.

The opening transition between the mother’s clothing and the scene of devastation was a particularly effective way to draw the viewer into the story.

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