13 Minutes to the Moon.

Visualising the definitive audio telling of Apollo 11.

BBC World Service celebrated the 50th Anniversary of man’s moon landing with 13 Minutes to The Moon, the No.1 UK and top 20 USA podcast exploring Apollo 11’s mission and the stories of the people behind its success. The podcast features interviews with the pioneers who made Apollo 11 a success and features music by Hans Zimmer, his first ever score for a podcast.

D8 was commissioned to produce the podcast artwork and campaign assets, lending the podcast an epic feel worthy of the subject matter. Referencing period-appropriate typography and using a restrained moon-inspired colour palette, we created a bold identity and eye-catching motion graphics which cut through the noise on podcast platforms and social media channels.

Stellar performance

- Live digital event/visualisation reach: 1+ million
- No.1 podcast in UK and India
- No.14 podcast in USA 

Jon Manel, Podcast Commissioning Editor for BBC World Service

“Your artwork is stunning and undoubtedly made a major contribution to the success of the podcast.”

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