Reviving 'The King of the Lowlands'

Ian Macleod Distillers’ revival of the mothballed Rosebank Distillery has seen the once-revered “King of the Lowlands” make a welcome return, with a new brand identity and packaging created by D8. A pair of limited edition single cask bottlings released through a ballot were the first expressions to feature the new identity. In its 19th Century heyday, the original Rosebank Distillery stood apart from traditional distilleries with its state-of-the-art approach and set up. The unorthodox juxtaposition of tall elegant stills and worm tub condensing units came to life in its whisky’s distinctive “light/full” flavour. It was this unique character that gave Rosebank its peerless status. We underpinned the new visual identity and all future brand and marketing activation with a full brand positioning, the result of D8-conducted qualitative research with key brand stakeholders.