Cero Generation

Net zero hero

Green Investment Group was creating a renewable energy development company and asked D8 to name, position and design the identity of the new brand. We ran a series of online workshops and remote interviews, the output of which was a brand positioning framework. This informed the naming and identity creation. We created a bespoke symbol that represents the fundamental elements of their brand story and mission; dynamism, positivity and the fundamental vision of a net zero world. As well as forming part of their logo, it is a dynamic visual asset that can be used as a standalone graphic element in its own right. The symbol was then combined with a bespoke wordmarque. The diagonal cuts in the E and R characters are set at 23 degrees. This reflects axial tilt, where Earth's axis of rotation is tilted at between 21.4 and 24.5 degrees relative to the plane of Earth's orbit around the sun. We also designed their websitee.